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How long is Forspoken?

Time is against you in your fight to save the world of Athia, and it won't be long before the enemy is upon you. Here's how long it takes to beat Forspoken

How long is Forspoken: a woman wearing a magical cape jumps from a great height

How long is Forspoken? Starting off in a new land, making new friends, and getting to grips with your backchatting bracelet is no easy task. While it all may seem confusing at first, it won’t be long before you’re parkouring around the world of Athia like the best of them. The real question though, is how long will it take you to best the Tantas and restore Athia back to its former glory?

From the outside, Forspoken looks like quite the endeavor. Not only have you got an entire world to save, but you’ve got to get Frey back home and somehow piece together her childhood. RPG games can run on the lengthy side, and Forspoken appears to be no different. With sidequests littered around the Forspoken map and a meaty main story to tackle, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the world of Athia.

Forspoken main story length

Judging by this full gameplay walkthrough from GamersPreyit takes just over eight hours to finish Forspoken’s main story. It’s important to note that the YouTuber doesn’t tackle any of the side content.

Now the answer of ‘how long is Forspoken’ has been answered, it’s time to prepare yourself. How will you tweak your Forspoken build to take on the evil Tantas? Are you going to mainline the story, or will you take some time out to befriend the winger unicorn cats that have taken refuge in the ruins around Athia? The most difficult opponent you may face, however, is the demanding system requirements – can you even run it? Check out our list of the best PC games to see what else is coming out this year.