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Forspoken builds and magic explained

Learn how to make the best Forspoken builds by combining magic spells to Frey’s loadout and which type of magic is the best for completing the game.

Forspoken builds - Frey is looking sternly off-screen while standing in front of a red curtain.

It’s a bit early to look at the best Forspoken builds, but we can look at all of the currently revealed information about magic and how it works with your character to influence the build. You only have access to one type of magic during the game’s opening hours, but as you progress, you learn how to harness different elements of magic to help you fight and perform some sweet parkour moves.

As one of the first big releases this year, Forspoken has a chance to impress us, and a lot of the reason why is because of the potential of the RPG game‘s combat system. By combining your abilities with equipment, you can make powerful Forspoken builds to quickly take down your foes or get out of dodge when enemy attacks are a bit too hot for you to handle.

Forspoken builds - Frey is slightly on fire, as is the rest of her surroundings.

Forspoken builds and magic types

There are four different types of magic in Forspoken, each one aligning itself with one of the major elements:

  • Purple – earth magic
  • Red – fire magic
  • Blue– water magic
  • Green – wind magic

So far, we’ve only gotten confirmation of the purple and red magic spells. These further break down into several types: offensive spells (aside from the quick attack spell) with three different levels, defensive spells, parkour spells, and other spells (some of which may have upgradeable versions). Here are all of the currently known Forspoken spells:

Forspoken builds - enemies are tied up in vines as Frey is about to slash at them with a fiery sword.

Purple magic spells

Offensive spells

  • Shot – a quick attack spell that flings rocks. You can also charge it up to fire more powerful attacks.
  • Burst Shot – fires a cluster of explosive rocks.
  • Shield Shot – creates a defensive shield while charging, blasted forward in pieces when released.
  • Scatter Shot – releases a steady stream of rocks before unleashing a high-impact long-range projectile.

Defensive spells

  • Prime – rigs up some explosive traps.
  • Screen – sets up a force field to deflect attacks.
  • Tendril – unleashes a swiping attack that heals you based on how much damage it does.
  • Leach – causes poison-curing plants to grow and heal you.
  • Bind – ties up enemies in weeds.
  • Disperse – causes flowers to grow in a spot of your choosing, which pick up and fling rocks at enemies.
  • Implant – fires seeds that, when they hit enemies, do damage over time for a short period.

Parkour spells

  • Shimmy – accelerate quickly by kicking off from the ground.
  • Flow – enables high-speed movement and parkour.
  • Leap – allows you to climb higher walls by kicking off them.

Other spells

  • Burrow – sends out item-seeking roots. Support magic recharges based on how much loot they find.
  • Genesis – a surge spell that summons barbed branches that fire out in front of you and skewer enemies in a wide area. Upgrades damage and range up to two times, inflicting poison upon reaching Genesis level 3.
  • Rarify – crafting skills can combine Breakshards of the same type to improve their level.
  • Modify – crafting skills can turn Breakshards into other shard types.
  • Vivify – crafting skills to increase the amount by which the necklace improves your health.
  • Cut and Run – blows open the ground and sends you flying back on the area-damaging blast, switching to Frey’s magic.

Forspoken builds - Frey is about to fire a shot of magic at an oncoming enemy with hulking muscles and big claws.

Red magic spells

Offensive spells

  • Slice – a quick attack spell that gives Frey a fiery sword.
  • Arc Slice – charging the sword unleashes a spinning attack that erupts flames.
  • Blast Slice – throws the fiery sword at any enemy.
  • Rage Slice – a combination attack that focuses on one enemy.

Defensive spells

  • Fusillade – summons multiple fiery swords to protect you by attacking enemies as you charge up other spells.
  • Aegis – summons a cleansing flame that erases any attack or defensive reducing effects while also increasing Frey’s attack power.
  • Legion – summons fiery soldiers to attack enemies.
  • Charge – a charging spell that knocks enemies back on impact.
  • Bombardier – kicks enemies backwards with force, triggering an explosion to damage any areas in the area.
  • Firetrap – causes lava to bubble up beneath enemies, simmering in place and damaging those standing in it.

Parkour spells

  • Soar – climb higher with multiple leaps in quick succession.
  • Rush – enables higher speed and parkour with a well-timed button press.
  • Zip – uses magic to grab onto surfaces to move quickly.

Other red spells

  • Beacon – lights up the local area to increase stamina recharge level, but makes you easier to spot.
  • Conflagration – a surge spell that calls a fiery column to splatter enemies with magma. This magma remains on the ground for a short time. It can be upgraded twice to hit harder and over a wider area, gaining the ability to move around at Conflagration level 3.
  • Drag and Drop – a ranged attack that strikes distant enemies to pull them closer. You switch to Sila’s magic as it does so.
  • Amplify – crafting skills can increase how much a cloak improves magic.

And that’s everything we know so far about how Forspoken builds may work. When the open-world game releases, we’ll better understand which magic works best together and what equipment goes best. In the meantime, we have everything about the Forspoken release date, the Forspoken system requirements, and who the Forspoken cast are.