Forspoken map – every point of interest in Athia

While we don’t have a full view of the Forspoken map yet, the few hints we have show a beautiful, vast space, filled with dangers, sidequests, and cute cats

Forspoken map: a woman dressed in a flannel shirt

If you’re looking for details on the Forspoken map, we’ve got your back. When Frey is transported to Athia, she’s met with almost alien-like scenery – floating rocks, giant monoliths, and of course, those pesky winged feline creatures that just won’t seem to sit still. There are plenty of things to distract you while you’re trying to secure the safety of this new world, but is there a reward for venturing off the beaten path?

If you want to get strong enough to decimate your enemies in Forspoken, you’re going to have to take a detour or two. Knowing the Forspoken map inside and out will give you every advantage in your fight against the Tantas, and might even help you make a friend along the way in what will hopefully be one of the best PC games released this year.

Forspoken map: a black and white outline of a mystical land

Forspoken map

The Forspoken map is split into four sections: Visoria, Junoon, Avoalot, and Praenest, with a main hub city in the centre. Frey is, of course, free to travel around the world of Athia using her magic parkour skills – just check out our Forspoken builds guide if you’re curious about how your abilities might aid traversal. She may however run into areas blighted by corruption, also known as The Break. This transforms animals into beasts and men into monsters, so she’ll have to be on her toes.

Forspoken points of interest

While exploring Athia, Frey will encounter various landmarks and points of interest (POI). We currently know of three POIs that will be vital in her quest to save the world:

  • Monuments: These are sacred stones that were used by the Tantas to store power. Visiting them will imbue Frey with some of that power. Some of these monuments also store memories – activating these will begin a flashback combat challenge.
  • Founts of Blessing: Visiting a Fount of Blessing will allow Frey to learn new skills and abilities.
  • Tantas familiars: Ruined monuments now home to Athia’s breed of winged unicorn cats. If you manage to catch one of these felines, Frey will receive a reward.
  • Chests: Find chests hidden around Athia to collect old coins. These are used to barter in the marketplace for improved gear.
  • Spellcraft challenges: Ancient books, also hidden around Athia, will allow Frey to upgrade her abilities if she manages to find them.

In addition to the landmarks on the map, Athia is also filled with combat challenges – difficult battles that will test Frey to the limit. Besting these powerful foes will grant Frey additional rewards.

That’s all the information we have on the Forspoken map right now. We’ll add any new information once the Forspoken release date rolls by and we know more. By the look of it, you’re best checking out the Forspoken system requirements as even some of the best gaming PCs may struggle to run the open world game at an optimal framerate.