The Forspoken map is basically Manhattan, helping Frey feel at home

One mathematical genius has uncovered the Forspoken map size, and apparently the RPG game's Athia is the same size as Manhattan - Frey must feel at home.

The Forspoken map is basically Manhattan, helping Frey feel at home: A young black woman with her hair in a bun stands above a huge canyon facing away from the camera as the wind blows her grey cloak

As you dive into the magical world of Athia in Square Enix’s latest RPG game, you’ll realise very quickly that the Forspoken map is a big place. ‘Just how big is it?’ you may be asking yourself; well one avid Forspoken fan has answered your query.

In a very, very detailed Reddit post, u/SlurryBlender states that they “used the custom waypoint feature to do a very basic set of measurements of Athia’s landmass. I only did a very general ‘width x height’ calculation, plus removing a few shapes around the edges, plus taking out the unplayable regions inside the map to find the actual ‘playable area.'”

It turns out that Athia’s playable zone is about the size of Manhattan, one of the most famous boroughs in New York City. It’s not lost on me that the fantasy game‘s sassy protagonist, Frey, is also from the Big Apple – coincidence, or clever engineering on Luminous’ part? I guess we’ll never know.

When compared to the sprawling sandbox universes of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption 2, Athia comes in at around “2.5x the size of Skyrim, 1.5x the size of Breath of the Wild, and 1.3x the size of Red Dead Redemption 2.”

An in-game map from Forspoken showing different points of interest in Athia

Of course, all of these values are estimations, but it’s a cool little insight into Athia’s design. Having zoomed around it for what seems like hours to take in the sights and test out Frey’s newfound abilities, it certainly feels like a big place. There are a whole plethora of different zones, vistas, and waypoints – many of which I’ve yet to discover – and, while the voice acting is a little cringe, I can see myself spending hours exploring every nook and cranny.

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