Forspoken trailer is all about facing your fears

A new Forspoken trailer parallels the RPG game's fantasy setting with protagonist Frey's modern-day existence in New York, showing her facing her fears

Forspoken trailer: Frey's hair casts shadows across her face as she descends from a magic-boosted leap

There’s a new Forspoken trailer out now that helps set the scene for Square Enix’s upcoming RPG game about a young woman from New York who’s transported to a dark fantasy world and imbued with powerful magic abilities. With the Forspoken release date coming later this month, this new cinematic trailer frames the adventure as Frey learning to face the fears she deals with every day in her normal life.

“Fear – it’s in our nature, it defines who we become,” the voiceover muses as Frey flees, first from ravenous undead forest creatures, and then from a menacing group in present-day New York.

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“Run, and it will chase you to the end of the world,” the voiceover continues. “Fight, and it will reveal your true potential.”

Frey lets loose a bolt of blue energy, taking out one of the decaying wolf monsters pursuing her in the woods. In New York, present-day Frey stumbles as she dashes into an alley, only to find a high chain-link fence blocking her escape. Back in Athia, she emerges from the forest to find herself on the edge of a desert cliff, and she’s suddenly confronted by a winged warrior.

Her expression changes from desperation to determination, and Frey makes a superhuman leap toward her opponent, grabbing a fiery harpoon out of thin air.

We got an early look at Forspoken gameplay about a year ago, and we’ll be seeing a lot more of that when it launches later in January. It’ll be available on PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store.