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Fortnite 17.30 release time confirmed, and it puts a “UFO in your hands”

Fortnite's next update is landing very soon

Lara is piloting one of the UFOs, a brand new Fortnite vehicle armed with alien weapons.

Fortnite‘s in line for some major events over the next stretch, including both an Ariana Grande concert and an event for The Suicide Squad. Now Epic has confirmed that 17.30 is coming very soon, and is teasing that you’ll get a “UFO in your hands” – a hint that’s already pretty clear thanks to leakers and dataminers.

Fortnite services will be disabled ahead of the 17.30 update on August 2 at 10:30pm PDT, or August 3 at 1:30am EDT / 6:30am BST. Barring any technical issues, the game should be back and 17.30 content should be playable on August 2 at 11pm PDT, or August 3 at 2am EDT / 7am BST.

Ahead of that announcement, Epic tweeted: “A ‘UFO in your hands’? The latest Alien gear has IO Guards scrambling to nail down every wall, car, rock, and even shrub.” That sure sounds like the Grab-Itron item that dataminers expected to launch in 17.21, which will let you grab and throw items in the environment, just like with the UFO vehicle’s beam.

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