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Fortnite adds age restrictions to cosmetic items and Creative Islands

Epic Games has added age ratings to Creative Islands, and even some cosmetic items as part of the new Fortnite update, which dropped today.

A close up of a Fortnite character wearing sunglasses

Epic Games has just added age ratings and restrictions to Fortnite. Starting today (November 16), every Island published in Fortnite will display its own age rating. This extends to a small portion of cosmetic items as well, which are now not deemed appropriate for experiences rated E or E10+.

If you log into Fortnite today (November 16) you’ll notice that every in-game experience now features an age rating. This applies to all Creative Islands, as well as Epic’s own modes. Via new parental controls, players can now limit which experiences can be played, with a new PIN system implemented if younger players attempt to access Islands that exceed their rating threshold.

The ever-popular battle royale game has gone through many changes recently, with voice-chat reporting also implemented for Fortnite players. Some cosmetic items now have a yellow indicator next to them, showing that they are inappropriate for certain age ratings. If you try to load in with them anyway, they will be replaced by the default version of that particular item.

We’ve managed to verify this, with the new Runway Racer pack available for players to unlock via Quests. As you can see from the image below, the Back Bling (a gun in a holster) is restricted.

The Runway Racer Pack in Fortnite

Islands now have an age rating too, which is displayed in the bottom left of each mode’s card. It’s worth pointing out that the main loading screen has been updated today, to one not featuring guns. Epic has not commented on this particular change yet, but it’s likely that it ties in to the age rating changes.

In case you didn’t know, Fortnite is currently running Chapter 4: Season OG, which adds weekly updates, bringing the weapon pool and map forward in time through Chapter 1 seasons. The November 16 Hotfix introduces planes and pirate canons, and is now live in-game.

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