Fortnite bug means Reality Seeds are disabled in season 4

This Fortnite bug means the battle royale game is currently without Reality Seeds, and it's all thanks to chapter 3 season 4's Goo Gun

Fortnite bug - a character with purple hair and orange shades poses, her hands glowing bright green

This Fortnite bug can produce infinite loot, so it’s not a massive surprise that it means that the poor old Reality Seeds have been removed from the battle royale game. Nevertheless, it does mean that if you were hoping to do some multiversal gardening today then you might be put out.

Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 has seen a lot of fun toys enter the game. We’ve got things like Fortnite whiplash, the Grapple Glove is back, and of course the Chrome. We’re enjoying it a lot because there are so many different things to muck about with, but the issue with Reality Seeds came about because of the Explosive Goo Gun.

Apparently, there was an interaction between the two that caused infinite loot, and while that sounds fun in theory, it obviously unbalanced the game in a fairly substantial way. The good news though, is that any Reality Saplings that are already planted will still bloom, but they won’t create any new Reality Seeds for now.

Unlike in single-player games, there’s not really any way to argue in favour of a bug like this in Fortnite, because it definitely makes things feel unfair for any players that can’t make the most of it. It’s still somewhat entertaining to see bugs like this pop up, and we’re glad that Epic can just disable the less exciting of the two items in order to fix it for now.

We’ll have to see how long this bug sticks around for, but we’ve no doubts whatsoever that it’ll all be sorted by the time Fortnite chapter 3 season 5 rolls around. If you’re looking for more honourable ways of getting ahead of the competition, then check out our list of Fortnite tips and tricks to get you those Victory Royales.