Fortnite leakers are convinced that Chapter 3 is next

Fortnite players in brightly coloured suits and a Bananaman outfit look upon a figure crackling with orange energy spilling from the top of a crystal suspended within a pink pyramid frame

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is set to come to a close on December 5, which is now just a few weeks away. The question on every fan’s mind, however, has been whether Season 9 or Chapter 3 would be coming next. Early leaks and datamines have suggested that Chapter 3 is coming up soon, and a fresh round of discoveries have landed alongside the v18.40 update.

Most telling among those discoveries is a new loading screen, uncovered by Fortnite Intel and YLSDev on Twitter. The image is labeled: ‘The Chapter 2 finale. Locked, loaded, and ready for the final showdown!’ It features a group walking toward a sort of hollow pyramid shape in the middle of a desert – likely the Pyramid itself.

That, in turn, matches up with a separate leaked image (courtesy of ImPeQu and Zatheo) of the final stage of this season’s map, showing the Pyramid in similar condition. And if all that wasn’t enough, dataminer InTheShade has also discovered an event playlist called ‘The End’ – just like the event that concluded Chapter 1.

So look forward to facing the end with Naruto and the gang.

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