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Fortnite map made in Creative is a super cool take on famous boardgame

A Fortnite map made in Creative transforms the boardgame Don't Break the Ice, adding to the trove of content in Chapter 3 Season 3 of the battle royale game

Fortnite map built in Creative is a take on boardgame: This image shows an icy kind sat atop of frozen throne.

A new Fortnite map, built using Creative, proves there is still plenty of life and imagination in Epic’s battle royale game. It’s the place you can find things like this Fall Guys-inspired party map, or even the most challenging parkour maps like World of Deathrun. It’s also a place where players recreate things from other games.

More often than not, Fortnite builds are based on other, similar videogames, like this one Overwatch 2 map. However, this time around we’ve got a fan who’s taken their inspiration from the famous board game Don’t Break The Ice, where players have to try and knock off slabs of ice without dunking a penguin called Phillip into the icy depths below.

Duos_With_Dad on Reddit, aside from having a wholesome name, is also the person responsible for this new take on Don’t Break The Ice. While the aim in the board game is to avoid dunking the penguin in the drink, this map instead turns the concept into a 1v1, where you and another player have to try and shoot the ice from under each other in order to win.

The video shows off the map, but also reveals the complexity behind it, with Duos_With_Dad using over 400 channels and 600 devices to make the map feel accurate. It’s an impressive accomplishment on a technical level, but there’s also no denying how much fun it is to not shoot at each other, but try and play a more tactical game by shooting where you think the other player is moving. If you like the sounds of it, you can try it out using the map code 1937-8130-5837.

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