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Fortnite creator retires from role as chief creative officer at Epic

Donald Mustard, one of the creators behind hit battle royale game Fortnite, has retired from his role as the chief creative officer at Epic Games.

Epic and Fortnite CCO resigns: a female character wearing a white beanie and tank top waves, the iconic Fortnite bus behind her dropping from the sky

Fortnite is without a doubt one of the most influential battle royale games to date. Whether you love it or have yet to play it, its reign as a popular shooter is indisputable. Donald Mustard, the game’s creative director and chief creative officer at Epic Games, has just announced his retirement from the beloved company. After acting as Fortnite‘s loremaster and helping the game evolve throughout the years, Mustard is proud of its growth and excited to now “spend time with my wife and family.”

Mustard announced his retirement on social media, saying, “After an incredible adventure, I will be retiring from my role as chief creative officer at Epic this month.” The developer goes on to describe how he has “enjoyed nearly 25 years in the game industry collaborating with some of the most talented people ever,” saying he is “so proud of what we have made together.”

The dev talks about how he had the honor of watching a once “tiny team” grow into a “part of Epic.” Mustard says that during his time with the company, “each new chapter allowed me to accomplish something new and original.” In particular, he highlights his contribution to Epic’s iconic battle royale game saying he is “especially proud of the opportunity I’ve had to help create and shape Fortnite.”

“I am humbled to have been a part of the team that every day tries to bring ‘joy and delight’ to the Fortnite community,” Mustard goes on in the post, detailing how the game’s devs love watching players experience “every moment” Fortnite offers. From the second you step off the bus and fall into the sky to the first moment you achieve a Victory Royale, Mustard and his team find joy in it all.

He says that following his resignation, “The teams are in the best hands” with Tim Sweeney, and reveals “they are working on huge, jaw-dropping, amazing things.” Mustard ends his note with a heartwarming statement, saying that he looks forward to being with his family now and is forever grateful to “the Epic Games family.”

I’m not crying, you’re crying. For now, we can appreciate Mustard and all that he’s done for the game by equipping our favorite Fortnite weapons and exploring the Fortnite map as we try to get that highly revered Victory Royale.