Fortnite dropboxes: destroy Ghost or Shadow dropboxes for the final TNTina challenge

Looking to finish off TNTina's final assignment? Here's where to seek and destroy your enemy's dropboxes

Fortnite tntina shadow

Looking for a map of all the Fortnite dropboxes? The second Fortnite character-based faction challenge is now live in Fortnite and players are being tasked with choosing between Ghost or Shadow for the TNTina skin. The final assignment for TNTina involves hopping into a match and using explosives to destroy Fortnite dropboxes that belong to the opposite supervillain org. Simple.

This is the last hurdle for those of you who have been grinding away at the very tricky TNTina challenges that exploded onto the battle royale scene in week 3. Much like TNTina herself, there’s not been a whole lot of nuance to these challenges, which have predominantly involved blowing up other players and their structures – always the least popular Fortnite challenges around.

But now you’ve ticked off at least 18 TNTina challenges and you’re at Battle Pass level 40 it’s time to complete the final assignment: destroy 2 Ghost dropboxes if you side with Shadow, or destroy two Shadow dropboxes if you side with Ghost. Whichever side you pick you’re going to unlock some cool new Fortnite skins. Here’s a map showing all of the dropboxes in Fortnite.

Fortnite Ghost dropboxes

Here are all of the Ghost dropboxes in Fortnite:

Ghost dropboxes map

Fortnite Shadow dropboxes

And here is a map of all the Shadow dropboxes:

Fortnite Shadow dropboxes

Simply grab some grenades, remote explosive, a rocket launcher, or even some proximity mines and get to work. We’re not sure if you have to do both in one match or not as we completed it in a single run through. TNTina is one of the Fortnite bosses, who you’ll also need to defeat to complete this week’s Fortnite challenges.