Fortnite emote brings Numa Numa to battle royale game

This Fortnite emote brings legendary meme Numa Numa to chapter 3 season 4 of the Epic battle royale game, as the Fortnite season 4 chapter 1 release date nears

Fortnite emote brings internet legend into the battle royale. This image shows the Marshmello skin in Fortnite.

The latest Fortnite emote injects some classic internet memery into Epic’s battle royale game, in homage to the legendary Numa Numa dance of 2006, as chapter 3 season 4 of the shooter rolls to a close, and we await the Fortnite chapter 4 season 1 release date.

As we near the end of Fortnite chapter 3 season 4, and the end of Fortnite chapter 3 in general, it’s nice to see something incredibly light-hearted added to the game. The new “Ma-ya-hi” emote has players sitting down in a chair and then singing and dancing along to a song called Dragostea Din Tei from the Moldovan dance group O-Zone. This song, for those old enough to remember it being all over the place, was released back in 2003.

The song itself is something that’ll get a reaction from most people, but the dance you perform has you mimicking the moves of Gary Brolsma, who became known as the Numa Numa Guy after filming his dance and putting it on YouTube, back when the video-sharing site was still in its infancy. The dance is innately silly, but because you sit in a chair during the emote, you should theoretically be able to duck headshots using it. Look forward to seeing that at some point all over Twitter and Reddit.

There are roughly two weeks left of the current season so we’ll likely not see too many more brand-new cosmetics and emotes in that time. The countdown to the end of chapter 3 feels a little bit more dramatic than some other seasons though, because it’s possible that Creative 2.0 could launch once it wraps.

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