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Fortnite EvoChrome weapons have been buffed

Fortnite EvoChrome weapons arrived in the Epic battle royale game at the start of chapter 3 season 4, and they've just been made even stronger through buffs

Fortnite Evochrome weapons buff. This image shows a character in Chrome form.

Fortnite EvoChrome weapons are one of the most interesting new additions to the Epic battle royale game. While there are always fun new mechanics and weapons to learn about every time a new season hits, weapons that become stronger over time are a blast to use.

Chapter 3 season 4 has already been a fun season thanks to new Fortnite weapons in general, but especially thanks to the Chrome. Chrome is rapidly consuming the island, and it’s even an item you can use, but is also at the core of the EvoChrome weapons, which get stronger the more you use them. It’s a fun way to grab an underwhelming weapon at the start of the game and have it become monstrous when it’s just you and one other player left.

Well, if you’ve been feeling as though these weapons are too much hassle to upgrade, you’re going to be really happy about the fact that these weapons are now easier to level up. We’re not talking about a slight change either; EvoChrome weapons are getting a big old buff here.

As you can see from the HypeX tweet, it’s way easier to evolve your weapon now. Normally when things like this change it’s a fairly subtle thing, but the majority of the changes here are over a 50% reduction, which suggests that either nobody is using these guns, or they’re not working as intended. Either way though, it’s a good time to pick up one of these unusual weapons are start fighting.

You’ll need some kind of weapon to survive on the new Fortnite map. Of course, if you really want to evolve as a person, then you need to read our Fortnite tips and tricks.