How to defeat the Fortnite Herald boss

Learn where you can find the Fortnite Herald location on the island and strategies for how to defeat her and the chrome wolves that she can summon

The appearance of the Fortnite Herald boss on the island spells trouble for the islanders. This new threat to the battle royale game brings with her a substance known as chrome. No, not that type of chrome. This mysterious substance has slowly been coating the entire Fortnite map in a metallic liquid.

Where the Seven structures known as Sanctuary once stood, the Fortnite Herald boss has erected a strangely polygonal structure known as the Herald’s Sanctum. You can find her attempting to summon something, or someone, through a portal. It wouldn’t surprise us if the Herald turns out to be a minion of the Cube Queen who terrorised the island before it flipped at the end of Chapter 2.

Fortinte Herald: an orange pin on the Fortnite map shows the Herald's location.

Fortnite Herald boss location

Travel to Herald’s Sanctum and head to the far north. Here, you’ll find some stairs leading to the top of the tower. She’s initially distracted with her summoning shenanigans, so use this opportunity to gather ammo and some of the new Fortnite guns.

Fortnite Herald: the Herald is covered in a protective shield as she summons two chrome wolves to her side.

Fortnite Herald boss tips

The Herald has a unique burst rifle, so make sure you have full shields and health before taking her on. She will shoot at you for a short time, which is also when she is most vulnerable. However, she eventually wraps herself in a protective bubble and summons two chrome wolves. They will attack you in much the same way as regular wolves, and you won’t be able to tame them like other Fortnite animals.

Our top tip here is that you should keep your distance from the Herald while shooting at her with assault rifle weapons. She isn’t a fantastic shot, but hiding behind pillars or the floor should keep you safe. Whenever wolves are hounding you, switch to a shotgun and save the assault rifle ammo for the Herald. The wolves will briefly stop running and attacking when hit in the head with a shotgun blast. Both of the EvoChrome weapons are great for dealing with the Herald and the wolves.

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Keep shooting at the Fortnite Herald boss and you should eventually take her down. She drops the Herald’s Burst Rifle, among many healing items and ammunition, which is a Mythical rank weapon. If you need that extra firepower to defeat the Herald, why not gather a few Fortnite keys to unlock the vaults hidden throughout the island?