How to get Fortnite keys

Find out how to easily get Fortnite keys that you can use to open the chests scattered throughout the island, and what treasures you can find inside

Fortnite key: a key item from Fortnite glistening among a pile of items such as gold bars and a health spray.

Want to know how to get Fortnite keys to open special chests? From the start of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, keys appeared throughout the island, and they’re one of the few returning mechanics in Chapter 4.

Should you find one of the Fortnite keys in the battle royale game, you can use them to unlock special chests to gain access to the powerful Fortnite weapons hidden inside. These chests are hidden throughout the Fortnite map, with each one giving you four different choices to get either Epic or Legendary rarity weapons.

How to get keys

Getting enough Fortnite keys is actually the easy bit, as you can find keys scattered throughout the map, inside chests, or as loot for eliminating other players. You can hold a maximum of three keys at once, and you only need one to open a single compartment of these special chests. These chests are normally around any points of interests with shops or outside of gas stations.

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Those are all of the vault locations you can open with Fortnite keys. If you are just starting with the new battle pass, make sure you check out how to get free Fortnite V-bucks. A fair number of mechanics disappeared with the start of the new season, but at least you can still ride Fortnite animals across the island.