How to get Fortnite keys and find all vault locations

Find out how to easily get Fortnite keys that you can use to open the vaults scattered throughout the island, and what treasures you can find inside

Fortnite key: a key item from Fortnite glistening among a pile of items such as gold bars and a health spray.

Want to know how to get Fortnite keys to open the vaults? The start of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 brings new mechanics and items to the battle royale game. While much of the focus has been on the Fortnite Chrome Splash mechanic and how the chrome is spreading across the island, you may also stumble upon keys.

Should you find one of the many Fortnite vaults, you can use these keys to unlock them and access the powerful loot hidden inside. These vaults aren’t new to the game, but this is a new way of opening them that doesn’t require you to play team-based modes as you can now open them by yourself.

How to get keys

Getting enough Fortnite keys is actually the easy bit, as you can find keys scattered throughout the map, inside chests, or as loot for eliminating other players. You can hold a maximum of three keys at once, and while you only need one to open most of the vaults in the Fortnite map, there are four places where you need at least two keys. We’ll go over all of the Fortnite vault locations below.

Fortnite keys: all vault locations on the Fortnite map, complete with numbers showing how many keys you need to open the vault.

Fortnite vault locations

As you approach the vaults, you can see an icon of a lock on your mini-map. If you need two Fortnite keys, you’ll see a logo of two locks instead. Simply interact with the locks to open them. The single-lock doors will swing open quickly, but the double-locked doors will take some time to open, so be sure to defend yourself from would-be pillagers. Here are all 14 vault locations:

  • In the basement of the Seven base northwest of Logjam Junction.
  • On board the Flairship above Rave Cave (double lock).
  • Inside the basement floor of Rave Cave.
  • In the basement of the Seven base west of Rave Cave.
  • On the beach southwest of Reality Tree, past the river.
  • Inside the barn near a red house found west of Chonker’s Speedway.
  • In the basement of the Seven base south of Cloudy Condos.
  • Inside No Sweat Insurance in Tilted Towers (double lock).
  • On board the Driftwood ship floating above Lustrous Lagoon (double lock).
  • In the basement of the Seven base northeast of Lustrous Lagoon and to the east of the Aztec Ruins.
  • In the basement of the Seven base northeast of Fort Jonesy, east of the Last Legs landmark (east of Herald’s Sanctum).
  • On top of a floating platform between Shimmering Shrine and Cloudy Condos (double lock)
  • Inside a bunker on the eastern shore of Loot Lake, west of Coney Crossroads.
  • Inside a bunker west of the gas station to the northeast of Rocky Reels.

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Those are all of the vault locations you can open with Fortnite keys. If you are just starting with the new battle pass, make sure you check out how to get free Fortnite V-bucks. A fair number of things have disappeared with the start of the new season, but at least you can still ride Fortnite animals across the chrome-infected island.