It looks like a Fortnite first-person mode is coming

Fortnite leaks from dataminers suggest that a Fortnite first-person mode is in-development at Epic Games, for the first time in the battle royale game's history

A Fortnite first-person mode seems to be in development

For the first time in the history of Epic’s battle royale game, it looks like an official Fortnite first-person mode is in development. This is according to popular leaker HypeX, who suggests that a Fortnite first-person camera option is “still in early development” but it seems like it’s being worked on.

While there have been Fortnite glitches in the multiplayer game before that have allowed players to explore the island with a first-person camera – suggesting that the option is available – the only officially implemented option to turn Fortnite into an FPS game is through aiming with the MK-Seven assault rifle.

That gun was vaulted this season anyway, but it may no longer matter, as popular leaker HypeX suggests that a first-person camera option is coming to Fortnite at some point. According to their latest tweet (below), this season Epic “began working on some stuff about a first-person camera mode.” Unfortunately, there’s not much more to go on right now, as it seems to be in really early development.

A first-person camera might just be for a specific event or an option for users to choose in Fortnite Creative mode – there are already a few Call of Duty-inspired maps that could use it. Alternatively, it could be a full camera option for players to switch between, like in Star Wars Battlefront II. Whatever Epic decides to do with it, it sounds a long way off, but it’ll be welcome when it does.

Speaking of Star Wars, the latest season has just started and the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass this time is heavy on the Lucasfilm – with Darth Vader and Indiana Jones dropping in.

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