Fortnite football event is on the way according to leaks

A Fortnite football event could well be on its way to the battle royale game at some point during chapter 3 season 4, but it's not what you think

A Fortnite Football event is on its way. This image shows two Football Fortnite characters.

A Fortnite football event could well be on its way, which means you’ll have a chance to kick a ball around with friends. It’s worth noting that this is about bringing soccer to the battle royale game, not American Football, just so we’re all on the same page and using the same appendages.

Chapter 3 season 4 has already brought a lot of new things to Fortnite including the mighty Chrome Splash and the incredibly cool EvoChrome weapons, but it’s likely that this event will be less about changing things up, and more about blowing off steam. That’s not to say it won’t come with its own quests and skins, but more that it’s unlikely to somehow be alongside the Chrome infestation plaguing the Fortnite map.

Not many details are known about the event yet outside of its existence, but it will, strangely enough, and in contrast to the the initial images shared by Hypex, apparently be nothing to do with either FIFA or the upcoming World Cup — something which they clarify later in their thread. This is a bit odd given that most events tie into a movie release or something else that’s relevant, but hey, who are we to judge?

The information for this Fortnite football event comes via HypeX, who said that there are challenges in the game that will award XP upon completion. If nothing else, it seems like it’ll be another chance to catapult yourself up the battle pass by a little bit and unlock some more cosmetics. Maybe you’ll be able to play against some of your favourite Fortnite NPCs too.

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