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Fortnite is now bigger than Minecraft on YouTube

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Fortnite has gone from the weird, awkward younger sibling to a certified phenomenon in the last couple months, and it’s just passed yet another milestone – it’s now being watched on YouTube more than Minecraft.

So which is the better Battle Royale? Here’s our breakdown of Fortnite versus PUBG.

According to analytics site Matchmade, Fortnite racked up 2.4 billion YouTube views in February, eclipsing Minecraft for the first time. The news comes on the heels of the game setting Twitch viewership records and surpassing PUBG in revenues this month.

While these are all impressive achievements, Matchmade notes that it’s not all down to Fortnite itself. YouTube views of Minecraft videos have been in sharp decline – this time last year, the venerable game was averaging 3.7 billion views per month, and along with other games, Minecraft’s view numbers have been shrinking since August 2017, when YouTube implemented changes to their discovery algorithm.

However, as Minecraft and other established titles are steadily losing viewers, Fortnite’s growth hasn’t showed signs of slowing down. But it’s worth noting that massively-viewed one-off events like Ninja’s stream with Drake and the 100-YouTuber Battle Royale have pushed Fortnite’s numbers up, and it remains to be seen whether they’re sustainable long-term.

Thanks, PC Gamer.