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Fortnite’s rifts could be closed by next week

According to a fan datamine, the rifts in Fortnite could be gone as soon as next week, as part of the countdown to season 6

Fortnite season 5 map

The epic rifts that split the sky in Fortnite: Battle Royale have only been around since July 1, but they’ve made a huge impact on the game since then. However, if a fan datamine is correct, the Fortnite rifts may be gone by as soon as this time next week – on August 21.

The sky splits have been slowly and almost imperceptibly shrinking since the last update, but according to the Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks Twitter account they will be completely closed by next Tuesday – presumably in order to prepare the game for the conclusion of season 5 and the start of Fortnite season 6, which begins in September.

The FNBRLeaks account, which is generally right about this sort of thing, say that they looked into the game’s files and saw how the game will look over the next week. They discovered pictures of the skies with the rift nearly closed, which they posted on Twitter. They will start to fade away, leaving only one main big crack.

The tweet below shows what the sky will look like on August 18, which is supposedly three days before the rift completely closes – and as you can see, it’s significantly reduced from what it looks like now.

It’s certainly been a wild ride since a rocket cracked open the sky at the beginning of July. Items such as the Durr burger mascot started disappearing from the game and reappearing in real life, and there are llamas everywhere. The theme of Fortnite season 5 was ‘Worlds Collide‘, and Epic certainly lived up to that promise. It’s almost sad to see it go.