The best Lego Fortnite skins – how to get free Lego Fortnite skins

Lego versions of your favorite Fortnite skins are now available in-game, but where do you get them and can they be used in the normal game?

Free lego fortnite skins - explorer emilie is skin with blue and yellow outfit and yellow cap

How do you get Lego Fortnite skins? The Lego versions of 1,200 Fortnite skins will be available in-game, but there are some stipulations. Will you have to buy them? Can you get more? Can you use them in the main game? We’ve got all you need to know.

Lego Fortnite has finally landed, and armed with our favorite Lego Fortnite weapons we’re heading out across the Lego Fortnite map in search of materials to survive and craft our way across the new game mode. But we want to be fashionable while doing so, of course, so here’s all you need to know about Lego Fortnite skins.

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How to get free Lego Fortnite skins

At the moment, there is only one additional Lego Fortnite outfit available to unlock in the form of Explorer Emilie, and you’ll need to link your Epic Games account with Lego Insiders. 

Here’s how to unlock the Explorer Emilie Lego Fortnite skin:

  • Visit the Lego Insiders website and click ‘Join Lego Insiders’
  • Sign up using your Epic Games account
  • Sign up for a Lego account if needed

After following these steps, the Explorer Emilie skin will appear in your locker in-game.

Do I need to buy Lego Fortnite skins?

No, you do not need to buy Lego Fortnite skins – they are all completely free.

This is because there are 1,200 skins from Fortnite that have had, or will have, a Lego variant added, so you technically already own the skin. You just go to your locker and choose which skin you want to wear in Lego Fortnite.

Not all Fortnite skins have Lego variants right now – only just over 300 do, but Epic has stated that it plans to roll out Lego Variants for 1,200 skins. That might sound like a lot, but there are 1,787 currently available Fortnite skins, meaning almost 600 won’t have a Lego variant just yet. It’s unclear when Epic will roll out more of the Lego variants.

Can you use Lego skins in Fortnite battle royale mode?

No, you unfortunately cannot wear the Lego variant of any skins in the battle royale mode, or any mode other than Lego Fortnite.

It’s unclear whether this would remain the case but we’d guess that since the movement and game mode in Lego Fortnite are completely different to the battle royale mode, we don’t expect to suddenly see the blocky versions of ourselves running around in BR.

That’s all you need to know about Lego Fortnite skins, how to get new ones, and whether you’ll need to fork out any cash for them. Why not browse our guides on how to get Lego Fortnite obsidian or Lego Fortnite knotroot, as you’ll need these to craft some of the strongest items in the game.