Fortnite gold – how do gold bars work in Fortnite?

How to obtain and use those shiny ingots for big rewards

Want to know what Fortnite gold bars are for? Introduced back in Season 5, gold bars are a form of in-game currency that can be used to purchase items and services from NPCs. These gold bars have carried over to Season 6 where there are even more things to buy, including new Fortnite weapons which were only recently introduced to the game.

There are numerous different Fortnite bounty NPCs scattered throughout the new map, and they need your help. During a Fortnite match, while you’re running around you may spot a speech bubble in the distance – this denotes an NPC, who you can speak to and obtain bounties from. Once you’ve selected your chosen bounty – you can only be assigned one at a time – head out to complete the task and earn yourself some gold bars.

You’ll also earn eight gold bars when you eliminate other players, and if you’re lucky, you might just find some bars laying around as you scour the land for loot. Read on to find out what you’ll be able to trade your stacks of gold for.


The easiest and safest way to earn Fortnite gold bars is to complete bounties as these quests offer the best rewards. Accepting a simple quest to harvest 100 wood can earn you as much as 35 gold bars. Considering this is something you were likely to do already, you may as well accept the quest to receive free gold bars. You can also accept quests via payphones.

You can slowly earn gold bars by opening chests, cash registers, and even breaking pieces of furniture can reveal small amounts of the currency, usually under five pieces. Finally, the last way to earn gold is by defeating other players in the game – players usually drop eight gold bars.


Gold bars can be exchanged with any of the bounty NPCs scattered across the map. They can be redeemed for new exotic weapons, upgrades, intel (such as revealing nearby treasure chests), services, and more. You can even enlist certain NPCs to follow you around and defend you – but their services come at a hefty price.

Here are all the things you can spend Fortnite gold bars on:

  • Reveal the location of nearby treasure chests and characters
  • Hire NPCs to fight alongside you and your squad
  • Upgrade weapons
  • Purchase new weapons
  • Purchase crafting materials
  • Spend at upgrade benches

How you spend your Fortnite gold bars can determine the course of a game, so it’s worth picking them up as you find them. Gold bars never expire, even after dying in a match. You could save thousands of gold bars for one match where you spend them all at once.

And that’s all there is to know about Fortnite gold bars. Season 7 has updated some of the game’s mechanics, including Fortnite animals which players can hunt or tame, craftable items, and new alien weapons.