How to ride animals in Fortnite

Learn how to ride animals in Fortnite in Chapter 3 Season 3, including information on which food tames them and where you can find them on the island

Want to know how to ride the animals in Fortnite? While the battle royale game has changed a lot since their introduction, these critters survived the island flipping upside-down. There have been some minor changes to how animals behave in Fortnite in the newest season, most notably for the wolves and boar.

Currently, there are five known Fortnite animals that have been seen roaming the Fortnite map, many of which are in mountainous regions or by rivers. While both the frogs, crows, and chickens are the same harmless and adorable beasts from previous seasons, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 grants you the ability to ride tamed wolves and boars for the first time.

We do recommend that you rebind your controls so you can charge and dismount. You can find these key bindings in the options menu under the rideable control settings. While you can heal animals either by feeding them with thrown food or using a Chug Splash, you can’t replenish stamina, so make sure you don’t get caught out if your animal gets too tired.

How to ride wolves in Fortnite

Here is how to ride wolves in Fortnite:

  • Kill any animal and pick up its meat.
  • Find a wolf or raptor and hold the aim button while the meat is equipped. Fire it to throw the meat.
  • Wait for the animal to slowly approach the meat, then run up to it and hold the interact button to tame it.

The wolf is now your rideable sidekick for a little while, and it’s able to sprint quickly. However, it is somewhat more fragile than the boar and you sadly cannot pet the wolf.

How to ride Fortnite animals: Sakura from Street Fighter is riding a boar down a street.

How to ride Boars in Fortnite

Here is how to ride boars in Fortnite:

  • Head to any area with gatherable fruit or vegetables. You can also raid fruit boxes in any retail store.
  • Find a boar and throw the fruit or veg by aiming and pressing the fire button.
  • Wait for the boar to begin to approach the fruit or veg
  • Run up to the boar and press the prompt to ride it.

You can now ride the boar for a short time. While the boar can take a fair bit of damage, it’s not the fastest of the two steeds.

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Whichever beast you choose, you should now know how to ride animals in Fortnite. While you’re here, why not check out our guides on where to find Fortnite reality seeds and every one of the Fortnite Tover tokens you can grab right now to unlock the Snap Fortnite skin customisations.