Fortnite – find golden artifacts near The Spire

Here's where to find all three golden artifacts in Fortnite

Looking for the golden artifacts in Fortnite? The first challenge set in Fortnite’s new season is to locate golden artifacts found near The Spire – the new location at the centre of the map where The Foundation attempted to seal the portal. Now the damage has spread throughout the map adding in new Fortnite bosses, Spire Guardians, and even wildlife.

Not only that, but Fortnite gold can be used to purchase parts from the NPCs scattered throughout, all to upgrade weapons in Fortnite through a new crafting mechanic. Now you’ll notice that weapons can be scrapped for parts to build fancy new primal weapons.

Indeed a lot has changed in Fortnite’s newest season, but if you want to earn XP and work towards earning some of the Fortnite skins available in season 6, such as Lara Croft, then here’s your first challenge. It’s worth noting that a boss patrols this area, so we recommend landing at the bottom of The Spire to grab some guns and shields, before working your way up.

Fortnite golden artifact locations

You need to find three golden artifacts to complete this challenge, if you are struggling, here are the locations.

  • The first artifact, a golden llama, can be found behind a makeshift wall at the bottom of The Spire staircase.
  • The second artifact, a small glowing blue Kit, can be found in the ground floor of a house near the boss, just below the I in Spire.
  • The third artifact is located in the marketplace at the bottom of The Spire.

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