Lego Fortnite players are unhappy with its sub-Minecraft build limits

Lego Fortnite isn't short on popularity, but some players are start to notice the building limits it imposes and they aren't happy.

A blue and pink Lego minifigure in a brightly-coloured landscape, with a bear and a banana minifig next to them.

Lego Fortnite is as popular as you’d expect, given it mashes up a hugely popular game and a best-selling building block. It’s been compared to Minecraft but some players are grumbling about the sub-Minecraft build limits that this Fortnite mode imposes on them.

When Lego Fortnite launched three weeks ago, so many people wanted to play that it jammed up the queues. It’s a little easier to get on now, but this building-based sandbox game, built inside Fortnite shows no sign of stopping, surging past one million Lego Fortnite players.

But as some players are discovering, there’s a problem with just how much this Lego game will let you build, even in creative mode. And as reported by Dexerto, some are considering leaving Lego Fortnite, frustrated by those limits.

It’s not so much the size of a building that’s a problem, more its complexity. Players have been getting the message “Very high complexity area! Buiding is disabled!”, unable to finish whatever they had planned.

A Lego building in Lego Fortnite, with a message about the player having hit their building limit.

Minecraft, the game that most resembles Lego Fortnite, imposes limits on how high you can build but those are pretty generous. And it doesn’t slap your wrist for building something complex. For some, in fact, making elaborate buildings is the reason they play Minecraft.

With Lego Fortnite, not only are those limits more strict, there’s no warning as to when you’re approaching them, which is another potential source of frustration. “Super disheartening and I feel like I wasted my time since I can’t finish,” tweeted one Lego Fortnite player, a sentiment that’s been echoed by many others.

Posters on Lego’s Reddit Forums have, on top of sharing their displeasure, have been advancing theories as to why the message pops up, and why the message comes out of nowhere. Ideas range from server issues through Lego Fortnite having to support the less powerful Nintendo Switch. Hopefully Epic Games will, at least, clarify what build limits exist.

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So, if you’re planning on building the Taj Mahal in Lego Fortnite you might want to think again. But the game is still a blast and if you’re diving in, here are all Lego Fortnite crafting recipes and how to get Lego Fortnite marble.

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