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How to get Lego Fortnite marble

Mining for Lego Fortnite marble is trickier than it sounds, so we'll help you by telling you where to look for it and how to excavate it.

Lego Rogue standing in front of a Lego Fortnite marble vein inside a cave. She's holding a torch to light the room.

How do you get Lego Fortnite marble? So you’ve managed to build up your settlement to a decent size, but one thing eludes you. Relying on wood and granite for so long, it’s easy to miss that there are other resources you can use to make better quality and more durable buildings. That’s where marble comes in, and you can find the second-tier stone material in a rather familiar place.

If you’ve already managed to get some Lego Fortnite knotroot, you’re pretty much there already. That said, this new survival game mode for Fortnite is proving to be a bit more complex than anyone initially anticipated. Since you need marble to increase your Lego Fortnite village level, we’re on hand to explain exactly where you need to go to get Lego Fortnite marble, and how to mine it.

Lego Rogue is standing outside a cave in the daytime, where you can find treasure such as Lego Fortnite marble.

Where to find Lego Fortnite marble

You can only find Lego Fortnite marble in caves. These are randomly generated throughout the island but will show up with cave icons if you bring up the in-game map. After finding an entrance, simply head inside and look for the pale white rock formations on the wall and ceiling.

However, once you reach the marble, you might have a bit of an issue. Common rarity pickaxes will bounce off the veins whenever they hit them but will cause no overall damage. You’ll need to create better-quality Lego Fortnite weapons and tools to be able to excavate this prized material from the Lego Fortnite caves. Luckily, you can get some of the nearby Lego Fortnite knotroot to make your own Uncommon rarity pickaxe, which you can then use to mine the marble.

That’s all when it comes to mining Lego Fortnite marble, but the same principles apply when it comes to venturing into some of the other biomes to excavate Lego Fortnite obsidian and Lego Fortnite amber.

When you’re this far into the crafting game, you might be looking to make a Lego Fortnite loom or craft a Lego Fortnite glider. Plus, don’t get so engulfed in your survival world that you forget that you can also redeem the latest Fortnite codes for free stuff and check out all the updates to the Fortnite map locations and the Fortnite weapons list for the battle royale mode – remember that?