Lego Fortnite already has so many players it’s jamming the queues

The Lego Fortnite update is out now, and players are flooding to try out the new mode, which transforms many of its best skins into Lego.

Lego Fortnite is here, and it’s already racking up the players. Following the recent success of Fortnite OG, the hugely successful battle royale game and multiplayer sandbox has just kicked off its massive Lego crossover, which sees the entire world and characters transformed into brick versions in a comprehensive overhaul. With so many people jumping in from the get-go, we’re already seeing queue times racking up.

Just days after the launch of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, the Lego Fortnite update has now launched, giving a block-based spin to one of the most successful and best battle royale games around. Lego Fortnite is a little different from the standard game types, feeling closer to the original Fortnite: Save the World survival mode and thus a little more akin to the likes of Minecraft and Terraria in style.

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Having just launched, PCGamesN of course had to dive in and check it out for ourselves – and we’ve been far from alone. Right after its kickoff, Lego Fortnite already had a massive 272,100 players either queuing or in-game within the first few minutes.

That led to us being stuck in queues of several minutes to join a game, with a message saying the Lego Fortnite “matchmaking queue is full,” although we did manage to get in eventually. While the total number of players has already dropped down slightly, we’d expect that things will likely stay particularly busy for the mode’s opening week – especially as we near the weekend.

Lego Fortnite - A Lego figure of Rogue from X-Men waits in a queue that's listed as 'full' with a two-minute wait.

One of the coolest features of Lego Fortnite is that it also converts many of the best Fortnite skins into equivalent Lego forms. While there are a lot of skins yet to make the transition, you can already use some of our favorites, such as Rogue from Marvel’s X-Men.

If you’re jumping in for yourself, be sure to check all Fortnite codes for December 2023 to redeem any free goodies you can, while those of you sticking to the main battle royale mode will want to catch up on the best Fortnite guns.

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