Where to find the literature samples in Fortnite

Every location for the literature samples in Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, and Retail Row

One of the five literature samples in Fortnite. It's location is the bookshop in Retail Row.

Want to know all of the literature samples locations in Fortnite? This challenge from Chapter 2 Season 6 is one that, on the surface at least, shouldn’t be all that tricky. You just need to find four of the five literature samples that are scattered throughout the Fortnite map.

However, this challenge is deceptively difficult because of what happens once a player finds the literature on the map. It disappears entirely, and there’s no way of knowing that someone else has snagged the literature unless you know exactly where they are. This is because, rather sneakily, there are red herrings everywhere. It also doesn’t help when everyone else on the server is hunting down the literature samples to complete the challenge.

So we’ll be going over all five Fortnite literature samples locations, precisely where to find them, and some things to keep in mind once you reach the location of the samples, such as when you should probably quit out of the current game to try again. This may take a while to complete if you’re unlucky, so let’s first go over where to find the literature samples.

Fortnite literature sample locations

The Fortnite literature samples are located in Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, and Retail Row. That part is the easy bit as even the game explains it in the task, but there are very specific bookshelves that give you the literature.

Since you can only collect one literature sample per location, you can’t grind the same spot in multiple games, though you can get them in Team Rumble mode. That said, there are lots of bookshelves and magazine racks, but only a few house the literature you need. They also disappear when collected, so you’ll need to get there fast.

A map with the Fortnite literature samples locations circled in yellow.

Here is every location of the literature samples in Fortnite:

  • Pleasant Park – the house to the northwest has a bookshelf in the room where Jonesy the First is pacing.
  • Pleasant Park – the house to the southwest has a bookshelf by the front door.
  • Lazy Lake – The southern-most property has some stairs leading down towards a basement. Just by the stairs is a magazine rack with some literature in it.
  • Lazy Lake – The western-most house has some literature in one of the bookshelves.
  • Retail Row – In the book shop to the far east of Retail Row, there is a magazine rack on the ground floor by the back wall as you enter the shop. It’s the one on the right.

And those are all the Fortnite literature samples locations. Again, depending on how lucky you are, this could take anywhere from a couple of games to several unfruitful hours of aimless wandering. It may be worth completing some of the other challenges for this week, including taming a boar – one of the Fortnite animals – and using the new Fortnite crafting system to make Mechanical Bows. There’s also the Fortnite golden artifact locations to seek out if you’ve not found them already.