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Fortnite Luke Skywalker could be on his way soon

Fortnite Luke Skywalker seems to be on his way to the battle royale game in chapter 3 season 4, and could be coming very soon indeed

Fortnite Luke Skywalker is coming. This image shows Kylo Ren holding his far cooler lightsaber.

Fortnite Luke Skywalker could be coming soon. Chapter 3 season 4 has already brought in a brand new map and incredible new items like Chrome Splash, but this is quite literally only the beginning, which means there’s a lot more in store. According to leakers, that includes a Luke Skywalker collaboration.

It’s not like Star Wars hasn’t come to the battle royale game before, but it’s not often that a collaboration is very specifically listed as one character instead of a franchise. It would also mean that this season is yet another that’s going to be replete with different crossover skins, and no doubt more anime and film ones on the way. After all, the battle pass already rewards you with Spider-Gwen.

There are two main bits of information that have people thinking we’ll be getting a Luke Skywalker of some kind. For starters, Epic actually added two versions of his lightsaber in the recent update. That may seem like overkill, but Fortnite doesn’t do anything by halves, so it’s likely that any version of Luke Skywalker will have editable skins.

As highlighted by ShiinaBR, the other thing is that it’s quite possible he was already seen in the chapter 3 season 4 cinematic. Partway through you can see three tubes in the background, one has a llama, one has a banana, and the third could be a reference to dear old Luke Skywalker. Sure, it’s blurry, but the pose seems a little too close to be ignored.

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