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Fortnite map makes Pong playable in the battle royale game

This Fortnite map brings Pong to the battle royale game from Epic, and it's an impressive feat of Fortnite Creative as the chapter 4 season 1 release date nears

Fortnite map makes Pong playable in the battle royale game . This image shows a Fortnite character behind a game of Pong.

A good Fortnite map can be an entirely new take on any number of things, or be a wonderful recreation of some other game or classic pop culture hit. There’s just so much you can do with the Fortnite Creative tools in Epic’s battle royale game, which are expected to get even better after the chapter 4 season one release date. Today, however, Fornite bringing you Pong, one of the first videogames ever.

If you’re already in the world of custom content in Fortnite, then you’ll be constantly astounded by what people can manage with the tools. The best Fortnite creative codes and Fortnite island codes are a constant barrage of ingenuity and creativity, and if you’re happy to search around a bit, you could legitimately just play Fortnite for the rest of your life.

A creator called Granto somehow put Pong together within a Fortnite map. We’re not 100% sure how they’ve done it either, but the video they posted to Twitter shows off a variety of matches with them facing off against other people, and it looks like it works exactly as Pong should.

While Pong might not be the most technically demanding game of all-time, it’s one that uses mechanics and objects that we didn’t think were replicable within Fortnite. There’s no reason to assume you can make an arcade game like that using the tools within Fortnite Creative, because it’s a shooter, not a game of digital tennis. While we remain perplexed, it’s someone the most impressive thing we’ve seen in months.

It’s a good job too really, because we’re approaching the end of Chapter 3, so we need more cool things to look at. If you’ve not kept up to date with this season, make sure you finish the Fortnite Herald quests before they’re gone.