Fortnite’s Reality Tree isn’t finished warping the Season 3 map yet

Fortnite's Reality Tree continues to wreak havoc across the map and makes for one of the most dynamic battle royale maps we've ever seen

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 map has been a delight so far. Everything feels more dynamic than it has done in a long time thanks to the chaos of the Reality Tree. It’s resulted in classic Fortnite points of interest reappearing across the map and could be leading to a temple becoming a tower. The game’s always been chaotic, but with Darth Vader appearing and all of these places changing, it really feels as though the map is alive.

It’s also led to Butter Barn shifting between different POIs each match, and according to leaks, it looks like there are two more areas the “Reality Bloom” effect will transform in the near future. According to Vengeful and Koooooomar on Twitter, both Sleepy Sound and Condo Canyon are going to be going through some ch-ch-changes soon.

HypeX helpfully summed it all up and said that the two areas will switch between four different POIs with Sleepy Sound fluctuating from “Tilted Town, Neo Tilted, Coliseum & Coral Castle,” and Condo Canyon changing it up with “Tilted Town, Lazy Links, Coliseum & Coral Castle.” We’re assuming that this is going to continue for the foreseeable future, but we’re also not sure how far these changes will reach.

It could well be that before the big season changeover, the whole map is in a constant state of disarray and change. It’s not clear just what the Reality Tree is actually doing – aside from messing up areas – but we’re assuming it’ll be linked to the big bad of the season.

In other less map-intensive news, Jonesy got put through the MetaHuman Creator and will absolutely recommend you an IPA.