Fortnite Darth Vader boss location and how to get his lightsaber

The Fortnite Darth Vader boss location comes with a bunch of elite Stormtroopers, so if you want his red lightsaber, you'll have to kill them all

Fortnite Darth Vader: Vader is leaping high into the air with his lightsaber drawn. His aim is to catch up to a player.

Want to know where the Fortnite Darth Vader boss location is? The latest update for the long-running battle royale game brings a new area to the Fortnite map, new and rebalanced weapons including the Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher, and new quests. However, it’s the Sith Lord’s appearance on the island that most people will be talking about; at least, he’s supposed to be Vader, though he could be an NPC wearing a convincing Darth Vader Fortnite skin.

Either way, if you fancy trying to eliminate this Fortnite Darth Vader wannabe, we recommend you team up with at least one other person. One person should focus on taking down the Stormtroopers, while everyone else in your squad should shoot at Darth Vader. You’ll need to face him at some point anyway because you need to wield a Star Wars weapon to complete one of the Vibin’ challenges – and the Darth Vader lightsaber is certainly the best option. To give you a fighting chance, we’ll go over where to find the Darth Vader location and how to beat him below.

Fortnite Darth Vader locations

As soon as you enter the battle bus at the start of a match, there’s a chance an Imperial shuttle will enter the map. It’ll overtake the bus and eventually land somewhere on the map. There are five few places where the shuttle can land, but which location he lands at in any given match is random. A beacon will then appear for everyone to see. It may be tempting to head there immediately, but that would be a grave mistake as Darth Vader and several Stormtroopers will patrol the area near the shuttle.

Here are all of the Fortnite Darth Vader locations:

Fortnite Darth Vader: orange pins showing the five possible landing zones for Darth Vader's Imperial shuttle.

  • Up the mountain northwest of LogJam Lotus
  • Up the mountain northeast of LogJam Lotus
  • Near the road south of Coney Crossroads
  • On the beach northeast of The Joneses
  • In the forest south of Greasy Grove

Fortnite Darth Vader - Vader is standing in an Imperial landing zone, flanked by two Stormtroopers.

How to kill him and get the Darth Vader lightsaber

While you only need to pick up one of the Stormtrooper’s blasters and hit enemies to complete the Vibin’ challenge, you may wish to take down the Sith Lord for good and grab yourself the Darth Vader lightsaber. Here are our top tips for fighting Darth Vader in Fortnite:

  • Stay a moderate distance away from Vader. If you go too far, he has a leaping attack that does a ton of damage.
  • Vader is weak to rapid-fire weapons with a large magazine. This is because he eventually lets his guard down if he’s hit repeatedly by gunfire. So a Stormtrooper’s E-11 Blaster Rifle is a perfect option.
  • He has a lot of shields and a decent health pool, so make sure you take fast-healing items such as the Med Mist and Chug Splash, or you can deploy a Chug Jug to keep your shields up.
  • He can throw his lightsaber like a boomerang, so take cover wherever you can to avoid this attack.
  • He can also use the Force to pull you in, so make sure to run as fast as you can so he doesn’t attack you with his lightsaber.

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Once you take Darth Vader down, he leaves behind his lightsaber. It’s similar to the others that appeared towards the end of the previous season, however, it does have an extra attack: if you hold the right mouse button to aim, then left-click to throw, it’ll act as a boomerang.

With Darth Vader falling in battle, there are still plenty of other things for you to be getting on with. If you’ve only been in-game, you may not know about the new Fortnite Nindo challenges you can partake in to unlock cool Naruto-themed items. We recommend you at least check out the Fortnite reality seed guide for more about the mysterious item-giving fruit and all of the Fortnite Tover token locations currently available in-game.

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