Fortnite party balloons: where to pop 5 party balloon decorations

Fortnite’s summer event continues with a challenge to, er, spoil the party by destroying decorations

fortnite party balloons

Looking for Fortnite party balloon decorations to pop across the battle royale map? This 14 Days of Fortnite seasonal event tasks players with popping five balloon decorations, which are pretty easy to spot and can be found in plenty of spots around the island – that makes this a challenge that can be completed easily in just one solo match.

As a reward for all of your party pooping, you’ll unlock a new Fortnite spray, the Sun spray. Best of all, this reward is totally free to all players, so there’s no reason not to get on board with the summer festivities. Nothing says summer celebrations like staying in all day, and there’s no risk of getting sunburn this way either.

Join us as we show you our best spots for finding and destroying Fortnite party balloon decorations. We won’t tour every location as there are so many across the map, but if you’re after a fast and efficient way of ticking off this challenge then keep reading. Also, don’t forget you can shoot these Fortnite party balloons from a distance, making this even easier to complete.

Best Fortnite party balloon locations

As you only need to destroy five different Fortnite party balloons, we advise heading between these four different locations, which should be more than enough to unlock the Sun spray. Take a look at the party balloons map below, and bear in mind that some of these spots have more than one set of balloons, so take a quick look around before heading off.

fortnite party balloons map

There’s also another tight cluster of Fortnite party balloons in the north, running from Lazy Lagoon to where the lagoon runs off the edge of the map, so if you really hate the desert portion of the map then there’s an alternative.

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Hopefully our map has shown you a quick and easy way of popping five Fortnite party balloon decorations, unlock the Sun spray, and get back to enjoying this lovely weather. Don’t forget there’s a new 14 Days of Fortnite challenge every day next week, plus a few new Fortbyte every day, so keep checking back with us for new Fortnite guide every day.