Fortnite Rick & Morty crossover adds two new characters

A new Fortnite Rick & Morty crossover not only brings back a classic skin to the battle royale game, but adds two new ones to chapter 3 season 4

Fortnite skin rick and morty. This image shows Mr Meeseeks and Queen Summer.

A new Fortnite Rick & Morty crossover has arrived in the battle royale game, and once again adds in some of the highest IQ characters in modern entertainment. If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll be delighted, and if you’re not then, well, at least you get to shoot them.

Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 is continuing the constant onslaught of pop culture crossovers, and we’ve already seen the wonders of The Rock’s Black Adam and the resplendent X-23 this season, but the content train never stops, nobody is allowed to get off, and we’re all secretly hoping there’s going to be another anime crossover soon too. We want to manifest Hunter X Hunter, but we’ll take what we’re given.

The two new Fortnite Rick & Morty Skins are Mr. Meeseeks, a giant blue dude with some orange hair, and Queen Summer, who is the queen of Glorzo. Each of these characters comes with their own back bling, as ever, and there are also two new gliders and pickaxes to grab as well. That’s not all though, because this whole crossover also sees the return of the Mecha Morty outfit, along with his unique items and the Get Schwifty Emote.

Fortnite Rick & Morty Mecha Morty is shown in this image.

Mecha Morty is, even for people who aren’t fans of the show, a fairly entertaining skin. Watching them boogie down to the various emotes is a small piece of joy, and we’re glad to see them back in the item shop for players that don’t own him.

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