Fortnite Black Adam skin brings back The Rock

A Fortnite Black Adam skin is on its way to the battle royale game in chapter 3 season 4 and once again brings Dwayne Johnson into the world

Fortnite Black Adam skin is shown here.

A Fortnite Black Adam skin is on the way to help the battle royale game celebrate the upcoming release of the film of the same name. That is, the film called Black Adam, not Fortnite Black Adam; that’d be ridiculous. Anyway, the skin looks great, and it’s something of a first for the game too.

While Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 has had plenty of excellent skins already like the X-23 skin, for example, it’s a little rarer that we get to see a celebrity face in the game. We only just got Brie Larson in the game, and while we’ve actually seen The Rock previously as The Foundation, this is the first time that a person has been in-game as an original character as well as a crossover skin. Tom Holland is responsible for about 369 skins though, so it’s not the first time someone’s been more than one skin.

As ever, it won’t just be the skin coming to the game, but a special assortment of items too, all in the item shop when it releases on October 20. It’s kind of nice to see a DC crossover in the game too, and also means that you can now start to act out any DC vs Marvel battles you’ve dreamed of. Well, at least as long as they include Black Adam.

All we need now is to see The Rock enter the game as himself as part of the Icon Series and we’ve collected the trifecta of the people’s champion. While we’re waiting for that though, why not have a look at the Fortnite chapter 3 season 5 rumours and speculation? Also check out the Fortnite whiplash locations too.