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Fortnite skin physics need an update

Fortnite skin physics aren't something people generally think about in the battle royale game, but as we approach chapter 3 season 4, they need some tweaking

Fortnite skins physics end up a bit broken sometimes. This image shows multiple Fortnite skins in front of a blue background.

Fortnite skin physics probably aren’t something most players think about. After all, we all tend to gravitate towards new skins, whether that’s from upcoming seasons like chapter 3 season 4, or from big crossover events like the Dragon Ball one.

However, as seasons and chapters change and things are tweaked behind the scenes, it can occasionally leave some of the best Fortnite skins behind. Small tweaks can regularly have unintended consequences, and while gameplay issues might be fixed, aesthetic issues often go unnoticed because they’re not as important to the experience on the whole.

The specific things that tend to be affected as time goes on tend to be softer textures like hair, dresses, capes, and things of that type. When these skins are introduced, most of those things will be bouncing around naturally and moving as your character does, to create a realistic feel. A few months on though and a lot of those things end up unnaturally glued to the character model.

You don’t have to take our word for it though; there have been two Reddit posts in the last two days that show off some examples. CrypticHavocFN posted a minute-long video showing off a variety of different skins and issues comparing older and newer footage.

Physics are so important for 3rd person games. I got these skins and their quality along with many others have got worse overtime. Its annoying because there is many cool emotes I don’t use because hair, capes, skirts, etc just bug out but never used to. Cosmetics are constantly changing. from FortNiteBR

The old footage, while having the odd bit of clipping here and there, looks natural, while the newer footage looks like every Fortnite skin is an action figure.

HHRSN17 also posted up a video but specifically for the Chloe Frazer skin, which was only released earlier this year. While none of these things is ruining one of the best battle royale games, there can be no doubt that it’s going to sting a little for players who’ve sunk money into these skins and then watch them deteriorate over time.

I know there’re worse bugs out there, but Epic can you please fix Chloe Frazer’s hair physics? Her ponytail has been broken like this for months now (the game probably thinks she has a back bling equipped even though she actually doesn’t) from FortNiteBR

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