Fortnite Dragon Ball event dates, details, skins, and challenges

In the Fortnite Dragon Ball event, you can take on your Super Saiyan form and stun with a Kamehameha as the anime takes over the island

Fortnite Dragon Ball event

Want to know everything that’s happening in the Fortnite Dragon Ball event? In the biggest crossover we’ve seen in the battle royale game for quite some time, you can watch Dragon Ball Super episodes, transform into Goku in the Item Shop, visit Bulma in the Kame house, glide on a Nimbus cloud, and so much more.

As always, a huge part of the event revolves around completing Fortnite Dragon Ball quests, with a massive collection of rewards at stake. The fun doesn’t stop there though, with the event bridging both the main battle royale mode and Creative mode. Here’s everything you can do during the Fortnite Dragon Ball Power Unleashed event.

Fortnite Dragon Ball event end date and time

Leaked and teased for quite some time, the Fortnite Dragon Ball event finally kicked off on August 16, 2022, when the Power Unleashed quests and other features launched. Some aspects of the event mentioned below, such as the competitive tournament and Adventure Island, are due to start later in the event, with the whole thing coming to a close on August 30. While that might seem like a long time, there’s a lot to cram in.

Fortnite Dragon Ball power level

Fortnite Dragon Ball Power Level

With an incredible list of items to collect from quests, including an Emote, a Back Bling, and even Battle Pass levels, prepare to increase your power level all the way past 9,000 – to 120 million.

One new innovation in this event is how it tracks your skill with the introduction of a Power Level, which is determined by your progress in one of the biggest Fortnite quest lines ever. Our complete guide to all of the Fortnite Dragon Ball quests is linked above, so make sure you check that out to get caught up to speed.

Fortnite Versus Boards

Bounty Boards have changed for the Dragon Ball event as they are replaced with Versus Boards. Pretty much the same concept as bounties, Versus Boards simply up the ante, showing you your opponent’s exact location (and them, yours), so you can go straight into combat. Unlike Bounty Boards, both players have to opt in though, so you won’t be targeted out of the blue.

Dragon Ball Kame house in Fortnite: Bulma

Find Bulma at the Kame house

Master Roshi’s distinctive pink and red home, the Kame house, has been discovered off the main Artemis Island, with new NPC Bulma taking care of things. The iconic residence is located on a small, circular island to the East of the mainland, and if you have enough gold bars burning a whole in your inventory, Bulma might just part with some precious Mythic items.

Dragon Ball Mythics

Speaking of Mythic items, get ready to ride a Nimbus Cloud and use the power of the Kamehameha as both make their Fortnite debut. Found in Fortnite capsules dropped from the sky in Capsule Corp deliveries, both the Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud are rare and powerful.

Use the Kamehameha to attack enemies with its powerful beam, but watch out for opponents also wielding the power, as their beam can clash with yours, preventing any damage if timed right. If you’re not able to defend against their beam, climb atop your Nimbus Cloud and take to the skies, escaping combat at speed.

Both items can be purchased from Bulma at 250 gold bars each, but get there quickly, as she only has one of each per match. If she sells out by the time you get there, you’ll need to know the other locations detailed in our linked guide above.

Fortnite Dragon Ball Adventure Island code

Complete challenges on Adventure Island

From August 19, head over to Adventure Island in Fortnite Creative mode, where you can participate in a range of Dragon Ball challenges and visit popular locations from the anime. Since Adventure Island isn’t open to visitors just yet, there’s no confirmed island code, but it will likely appear on the Discover page on the day. We’ll update you with the island code as soon as it’s revealed.

Once you’ve mastered riding the Nimbus Cloud, take one for a ride around a course at Kami’s Palace, then head home to Goku’s house to whip up a tasty meal. Fans of Fortnite death runs can take on a Dragon Ball obstacle course at the Room of Spirit & Time, and there’ll be plenty more to come when Adventure Island opens.

Fortnite Dragon Ball Tournament of Power

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Tournament of Power

The only way to get Dragon Ball Fortnite skins is via the in-game shop, but there are even more items available to collect as rewards in the Tournament of Power, if you’re among the best of the best.

Taking place on August 18, 2022, the Dragon Ball-themed tournament will be available for duos. During your region’s three-hour window, play up to ten matches and finish in the top 50% of competitors to earn the Angry Vegeta Emoticon – and the bragging rights that come with it. In an easier challenge, finish with at least eight tournament points to be rewarded with the Goku’s Kanji Banner Icon, and earn enough tournament kills with the Kamehameha for the Beerus Eating Spray reward.

Fortnite Dragon Ball episode festival

Dragon Ball Super episode festival

With all this competitiveness, you might just be after a chance to sit back and relax. What better way to do so than catching up on Dragon Ball Super episodes on Fortnite’s own poolside big screen? If that isn’t enticing enough already, you will have to tune in to complete your Power Unleashed quests, so you will need to know how to watch. Each of the six available episodes has its own Creative Island, which you can access with a specific code. To see all the codes and where to enter them, head to our list of all Fortnite Dragon Ball episode codes.

Fortnite Dragon Ball skins

Hey, it’s me, Goku! ..and Vegeta, Beerus, and Bulma, as all four iconic Dragon Ball Super characters come to the Fortnite in-game shop, with Back Blings, Emotes, and Pickaxes to match.

Fortnite Dragon Ball skins Beerus Goku

Son Goku

Goku’s Fortnite outfit includes four colourways, capturing his Saiyan, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue, and Ultra Instinct looks. The built-in Goku’s Charging Up emote switches between skins.

Goku’s outfit also comes with the Power Pole Back Bling and Harvesting Tool, which work together when equipped at the same time.


If you prefer the cat-like style of Beerus over the Saiyans, good news, the God of Destruction is also available in the Fortnite item-shop, accompanied by the Seer Fish Back Bling. If you can’t choose between Beerus and the Saiyan God, both Beerus and Goku are available in a bundle together, with the Seer Fish Back Bling, and bundle-exclusive Power Unleashed Loading Screen.

Fortnite Dragon Ball Vegeta skin


Just like Goku, Vegeta shows off his Super Saiyan form as well, with his own Charging Up emote. Switch between his Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue, and Super Saiyan Blue Evolved alt styles.


Scientist Bulma rounds out the team, available with a lab coat alt style. Bulma is available in a bundle with Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Gear Bundle

With few items coming with the skin bundles, you can instead get all the gear together in this bundle, complete with Nimbus Cloud and Space Pod Gliders, the legendary Kamesennin’s Shell as a Back Bling, and the Kamesennin’s Staff Harvesting Tool. Another Emote, Fusion! Hah!, also comes with this exclusive bundle. These items are also available separately.

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Phew, that’s everything you need to know about the Dragon Ball Fortnite event. If somehow you need even more to keep you occupied on Artemis Island, find out where to trade your Nimbus Cloud in for a Fortnite Baller, and prepare for spooky season as Fortnitemares returns. If you want more dragons, then check our guide of the best dragon games to play.