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Fortnite skin age ratings “didn’t hit the mark,” Epic admits

Epic Games says the Fortnite cosmetic age rating plan "didn't hit the mark" and that changes should be here in time for a big in-game event.

Fortnite skins age rating: a woman in a red dinosaur onesie holding a giant grabber like a club

Epic Games is addressing the rough launch of Fortnite age ratings for creative islands and skins, saying it has a few options in the works for a big upcoming event – likely Chapter 5 – after the rollout of the new protective feature saw a large number of premium paid outfits unwearable in an array of experiences with the battle royale game.

Fortnite age ratings came into effect last week, which see every single island published in Fortnite given an age rating between E for everyone and T for teen, along with select cosmetics. On paper, this is to help players and parents make informed decisions about what parts of the battle royale game young players get to experience, but it’s also hurt the paid-for skins players can wear in certain parts of the game.

Parent controls can restrict certain rated experiences across the board, but let’s say you buy or unlock a Fortnite skin with an age-restricted element and go into an E for everyone island or game. You won’t have that skin available in the game mode, even if you paid for it.

“Welp, our plan for cosmetics with the ratings update didn’t hit the mark,” Fortnite says on X/Twitter. “We’re working on a few new options that we hope to have in place for say… some sort of big in-game event. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.”

Fortnite skins age rating: a screenshot of a Fortnite tweet, saying more age rating improvements are coming in time for a big event

Fortnite Chapter OG is set to end on Saturday, December 2, with the teaser more than likely referring to an event that will kick off Chapter 5 immediately after. So we’re likely looking at a fix by the end of next week.

If I’ve paid for a skin in a game all about shooting people to be the last player alive, I want to be able to see and use that skin whenever I’m playing, so I can understand why Fortnite fans are upset. Then again, Fortnite wants to make sure these age ratings help people and parents make informed decisions that extend past just the battle royale mode, so I also understand the restriction.

This is why Epic has a middle-ground fix planned. In an update before the above post, it says “about 7% of Fortnite outfits can only be equipped in islands rated Teen (or regional equivalent). Over the next year, we will enable most of these outfits to be compatible with all ratings by having them auto-adjust appearance based on the island you want to play.”

I imagine this means that age-restricted parts of an outfit will be adjusted instead of you not having any of your cosmetics at all, so things like the Runaway Racer restricted back bling (a gun in a holster) will be changed, instead of completely changing your look if you have it equipped. So we’re getting an intermittent fix for Chapter 5, and a bigger one later down the line, it seems.

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