A time warping orb seems to be messing with the Fortnite map ahead of season 10

It's looking likely that time is going to play a big part in season 10.


Epic Games has been dropping some hints on Twitter this week in the run-up to Fortnite season ten’s launch on August 1, giving us some ideas about what we might be able to expect. Earlier this week we saw teases that mechs might be heading to the game, and were told to “think back” with an image of Dusty Depot. Now, just two days before the launch, it looks like hints are starting to appear in-game too.

As highlighted by user Duskyxlops on the Fortnite subReddit, something seems to be going on with the Zero Point orb. First introduced during that epic showdown between Cattus and Doggus at the end of season nine, the orb has been doing… something, with Twitter user FortTroy posting footage of it entering “stage 3”, which you can check out further down the article. Now, according to Duskyxlops, it’s starting to “warp time”, and the tree beside the “vault” has changed colour – to an autumnal amber.

While these hints don’t give any specific details away, it’s looking more and more likely that there will be some kind of temporal theme to season ten. With the tweets so far saying things like “think back”, “look forward”, and now today “twist time”, it looks like we could possibly see some time-travel elements or maybe a mix of maps and content from the game’s various seasons making a comeback in a few days.

Users on Reddit have been speculating about what this might mean. User Baumpaladin guesses that it could be a ‘times collide’ situation, similar to season 5’s Worlds Collide, and “in the end we will probably have a map with locations from the past, now and the future”. User C4falcons suggests it could feature a mixture of “old and new POIs”.

User Noobdragonlvl10 thinks the orb could be “like the rift in the sky, but instead of spitting stuff out, it’ll ‘glitch out’ and make stuff appear different. Like make the Divot look like the Depot. The glitches may spread throughout the season, transforming more locations into other locations, and in the end, everything will be brought back to normal.” It’s not confirmed – but sounds pretty cool.

Whatever season 10 will hold, it’s looking pretty likely that time will play a big part. Luckily, we don’t have long to wait now – the new season kicks off this Thursday.