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Fortnite’s volcano is erupting today and will devastate the landscape

The volcano is erupting today, and here's when to log in to watch it happen.

Fortnite season 9 loot lake bunker

Countless leaks and speculation all come to a head today in Fortnite, as the volcano on its battle royale island is set to erupt in a few hours. You’ll be able to hop in and watch the event, and witness the cataclysmic event reshapes the island’s topography.

A countdown timer appeared over Loot Lake yesterday, pointing to 15:00 EST / 20:00 BST / 12:00 PST. That’ll be when the volcano explodes, presumably sending hot lava across the map. What that means for Fortnite’s landscape is still anyone’s guess, but datamines and leaks over the past few months have pointed to several changes we’ll likely see as a result of the eruption.

As Forbes reports, the volcano is tied to some kind of seismic mechanism located beneath Loot Lake, and as players complete certain challenges and activate the device’s five runes, it makes the volcano more and more unstable. When it erupts, it’s likely going to wipe out both Retail Row and Tilted Towers, potentially turning them into lava ponds or perhaps just smoldering ruins.

Changes are also expected at Polar Peak, and of course at Loot Lake itself, which is where the strange alien device is located. Something is almost guaranteed to be happening there today as well.

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According to Forbes, the volcano event is going to run similarly to Fortnite’s Marshmello concert, dumping all players into a special one-time game mode where they can watch the eruption take place. Given Epic’s track record on these events, it would be fair to expect the unexpected as well – Fortnite has already played with ideas like tearing the fabric of the universe, so who knows what else is going to go down today.