Fortnite waterfalls: where to visit 7 waterfalls for your Fortnite Overtime challenges

Get one step closer to earning a free Fortnite Battle Pass by visiting waterfalls across the map

Looking for 7 Fortnite waterfalls? We may have run out of weekly Fortnite challenges to tick off in return for precious Battle Pass progress, but Epic Games has introduced a tantalizing alternative in Overtime Challenges. Complete all of these tasks and you can earn a totally free Battle Pass just in time for the Fortnite Season 8 release date. So, what do you need to do?

In order to complete the latest challenge in the set you’ll need to visit seven Fortnite waterfalls across the battle royale map. Normally you’d have to perform an action upon arrival, but for this challenge you simply have to get close enough for the challenge completed emblem to pop up.

You might know about a few Fortnite waterfalls and their locations, but if you’re unsure about the whereabouts of all seven waterfalls then let us help you out with this handy Fortnite Overtime Challenges guide. Your quest for waterfalls will mostly take place in the southern portion of the map, but you’ll need to venture into the middle of the map and the very northern edge to visit all seven.

All Fortnite waterfalls locations

  • Southern edge of the map, west of Lucky Landing
  • Southern edge of the map, south of Paradise Palms
  • Oasis east of Fatal Fields
  • Frozen waterfall south of the Viking ship
  • South of Loot Lake
  • East side of Loot Lake
  • Northern edge of map, north-east of Lazy Links
  • North of Lonely Lodge

That’s right, there are actually eight Fortnite waterfalls to look out for, meaning you can skip your least favourite spot. We also have a handy map of all the waterfall locations below to make visiting them even easier for you.

Fortnite waterfalls map

Once you’ve completed this you’ll hopefully be a bit close to earning some new Fortnite skins or Fortnite Wraps. Visiting all seven will take a few matches at least, but it’s really very easy once you know where they are, and you can try and tick off some of other challenges while you’re at it.