Fortnite XP has gotten another massive buff

After a dismal start, Fortnite's Season 8 XP has gotten even more generous

Fortnite's version of the 'stonks' meme, featuring a simple character standing in front of a chart of rising stock prices

Fortnite‘s latest season has a bit of an XP problem – or, rather, it did. Players were initially disappointed with Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8’s dismal experience point rewards, but a series of buffs over the course of the past few weeks have made grinding out those battle pass levels pretty much effortless. Especially now with another buff in the books.

Fortnite’s shared quests now award dramatically more XP. Common quests have gone from 500 to 2,500, legendary quests have gone from 750 to 3,750, and every type in between has been similarly enhanced. These changes were datamined ahead of release today, and Epic has been uncharacteristically clear about the new values.

Another round of XP changes landed in the 18.10 patch last week, and it was only as of that update that shared quests gave any XP at all. That patch also essentially doubled the XP you’d receive from daily challenges and new punchcards, ensuring that players no longer needed to grind out Impostors matches for the most efficient levelling.

For some help clearing those Fortnite punchcard quests, you can check out our guide at that link.

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