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The US-exclusive Gears 5 Collector’s Edition comes with a real drone

The collectors edition of Gears 5 includes a drone modelled after the Jack drones


Coalition Gears has announced that the collector’s edition of Gears 5 will include a remote-controlled drone. The drone is a replica of the Jack drone form the Gears series and comes with its own controller. By hooking up your mobile to the controller, it acts as a screen so you can view where you’re flying when you release the drone into the sky. The Jack Drone Collector’s Edition costs $260 and is available to buy only at GameStop.

The Gears 5 Collector’s Edition also includes a premium collector’s box, steel case, an in-game Jack skin, an art print, lanyard, booklet, embroidered patch, a display stand, and, of course, the drone. The drone was created by New Wave Toys, a company that creates videogame-related products but are best known for building retro arcade cabinets.

Microsoft has also announced that if fans buy any edition of Gears 5 then you can play as both the Terminator and Sarah Conor as part of the Terminator Dark Fate character pack. Playing as the cyborg assassin will surely come in handy for scaring the wits out of your enemies in the new Gears 5 multiplayer mode, Escape.


In the Gears series, the Jack drones are a model of the Jack-of-all-Trades military robots who act as a general use assistants to the player. Jacks can cut through locked doors, access computer systems, repair other mechanical devices, as well as a number of other uses. We’re not yet sure whether the physical Collector’s Edition drone will be able to carry out any of such functions itself, but we live in hope.

Collector’s editions, special editions, and deluxe editions have become the norm when a blockbuster game is announced. From this E3 alone there are some weird and wonderful items including the Watch Dogs Legion replica skull mask with an LED crown, and
Doom Eternal’s wearable Doom Slayer Helmet.

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