Genshin Impact gets fishing in update 2.1

Fishing's coming to Skyrim, so it had to hit Genshin Impact, too

Time to get fishing with ponds like this in the Genshin Impact 2.1 update

We all know that fishing minigames are the best optional side activity in this great hobby of ours, now that Skyrim’s getting one, no other game has an excuse for leaving out the angling. (This is a joke – making games is hard and feature creep is a problem. I just like fishing minigames, okay?) Now Genshin Impact is getting in on the fishing with its 2.1 update.

You’ll find a variety of fish types across Teyvat that you can use for meat, or exchange for rewards – including new fishing rods. As the devs explain in a blog, you’ll also be able to place a new furnishing in your personal realm called the Pool of Sapphire Grace, which will let you raise special ornamental fish.

As with many new features for the game, Genshin Impact fishing already leaked ahead of launch, and you can follow that link for a more spoilery breakdown of what to expect, including a breakdown of the actual mechanics of the minigame.

The Genshin Impact 2.1 release date is set to land at the start of September. You can follow that link for a broader breakdown of what to expect from the update.

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If you missed the 2.1 livestream, you can check it out above.