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Genshin Impact fan recreates Albedo’s campsite in Minecraft

Minecraft is often home to lots of wonderful player creations, but this build of Albedo's campsite from Genshin Impact has really caught our eye

A Genshin Impact fan's recreation of Albedo's campsite in Minecraft

A Genshin Impact player has recreated Albedo’s campsite in Minecraft, and it looks suitably cosy. Menelaryon shared the full thing to Genshin Impact’s subreddit, and a full tutorial has been uploaded to YouTube if you fancy building a mountain retreat of your own.

Menelaryon explains in their tutorial that they used the Better Leaves, Replay Mod, and Falling Leaves mods to help bring it all together. While the build is pretty impressive, it’s the shader that gives it a sense of warmth. If you want to capture that vibe for yourself, you’ll need the BSL Shaders pack. If you’re looking to recreate what Menelaryon has to the letter, you’ll also find a full rundown of each item used in their video, alongside how much of each item was used, too.

If you need a refresher, Albedo’s campsite was added to Genshin Impact alongside the Dragonspine region in update 2.1. You can find it along the path from the Ancient Palace to the Outskirts in the Entombed City. It’s a small, warmly lit laboratory outpost with a cooking pot, two workstations, and four shelves stacked with Albedo’s research materials. You’ve also got a crafting bench alongside a smattering of various barrels and crates.

If you’d like to try and build this for yourself, you can find Menelaryon’s video right here.

I made Albedo’s Campsite in Minecraft from Genshin_Impact

Genshin Impact is set for more new content soon. Mihoyo has revealed that it’s hosting a Genshin Impact 2.3 livestream this week, where a couple of devs will announce what’s coming in the anime game’s next update. While details are thin on the ground, Mihoyo has teased two new characters called Itto and Gorou fairly extensively.

Things are looking reasonably busy in Minecraft, too. Mojang has recently revealed that frogs, fireflies, mangrove trees, and more are coming to Minecraft in The Wild update next year.

Image credit: Menelaryon / YouTube