How to get Diona for free in Genshin Impact – Energy Amplifier Initiation event

Here's how to take part in the latest event and earn enough Fractured Fruit Data to invite Diona to your party

The first Genshin Impact 1.5 update event is here, and alongside the new character banners, there’s another opportunity to add new members to your party. Successfully completing the Energy Amplifier event rewards you with Fractured Fruit Data that you can use to get a free Diona in Genshin Impact – or exchange for primogems, crown of insight, character EXP materials, mora, and more.

So, what is the Energy Amplifier event? You need to help researcher Hosseini of Sumeru to collect Irminsul Fruit, a precious research material. To do this, you’ve been given the Energy Amplifier – a powerful tool that can be used to source the material by challenging Places of Interest to receive fragments that can be equipped to the Energy Amplifier to buff your party.

This in turn unlocks Domains and challenges, which you’ll need to complete to unlock Twisted Realm stages. By challenging the Twisted Realm you can collect Fractured Fruit Data, which can be spent at the event shop to get a free Diona, or other such goodies.

Energy Amplifier event time and duration

You need to be at least Adventure Rank 20 or above to participate in the event, which is available April 30 at 10am server time to May 17 at 3:59am server time.

The event shop duration will open at the same time, and will remain available until May 24 at 3:59AM server time.

Places of Interest

First, you need to explore Places of Interest and eliminate all monsters before you can retrieve the Fruit Fragments. It’s worth noting that nearby Mutation Stones buff monsters significantly and should be destroyed before attempting any monster fights in the area. Explore these Places of Interest to receive rewards including mora, hero’s wit, primogems, Fractured Fruit Data, and Fruit Fragments – each Place of Interest also lists the rewards available from successful completion.

There are three different types of Fruit Fragments to collect, including Fractured Fruit Bit, Fractured Fruit Fragment, and Fractured Fruit Shard – and this is where the Energy Amplifier comes in…

Using the Energy Amplifier

Once you have your Fruit Fragments, you can equip these to the Energy Amplifier to buff your party members in Domains and the Twisted Realm. You can only complete each Domain once. There are three to complete: Vishap’s Rest, Where Shadows Writhe, and Frost-Worn Space – completing them rewards you with mora, primogems, and Fractured Fruit Data.

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To better your rewards, there are also Twisted Realms corresponding to each Domain. There’s no limit on the amount of times you can complete the Twisted Realm, so you can keep challenging your own high score to earn more Fractured Fruit Data. You can also set your own difficulty conditions, which changes the challenge criteria and points you can obtain. There’s also a chance to nab the Celebration: Fruit of Wisdom event-exclusive card for your collection.

You need 1000 Fractured Fruit Data to invite Diona to join your party, so be sure to save up during the event. In the meantime, you can now hang out with Diona in the Genshin Impact hangout events.