Genshin Impact is adding an Inazuman Geo cat girl, according to leak

A recent Genshin Impact leak suggests that HoYoverse will be adding a new a Geo cat girl to the anime RPG, and she'll be a resident of Inazuma.

Genshin Impact is adding an Inazuman Geo cat girl, according to leaks: anime girl with pink hair and cat ears

This Genshin Impact leak claims that HoYoverse may be planning to add a Geo cat girl who hails from Inazuma. There are literally only three other members of the cat-like Kätzlein bloodline in the anime game at this point, and they all live in Mondstadt. If this info turns out to be true, it’ll be interesting to see the connections between Diona’s family and the Inazuman newcomer – if there are any at all.

Truthfully, the leak is more of a rumour and didn’t provide many specifics in terms of her kit and play style, but it seems that the new cat girl will have the same body model/type as Ayaka and Yanfei. She’s also rumoured to be arriving in version 3.7, which is still a ways away seeing as we’re only halfway through Genshin Impact version 3.4 at the moment.

The character’s rarity, weapon, and kit details are still unknown at this point in time, but it’s still worth mentioning that HoYoverse may have more cat-person lore on the way – especially since Diona has a more prominent role now that Genius Invokation TCG matches are being played inside her Cat’s Tail tavern.

Genshin Impact is adding an Inazuman Geo cat girl, according to leak: cat-themed tavern with paatrons playying cards

The details above come from a tweet by SpendYourPrimos, which is a side account for the well-known Genshin banner expert, SaveYourPrimos. They make it clear that they’re waiting on more concrete info before moving into full-on leak territory.

Here’s hoping that this Inazuman cat girl has a worthwhile kit because Geo already has fewer characters than any other element in the game, even including the Geo Traveler – a variant that is very mediocre, by the way. They’re also the only element to not have a five-star representative in the standard banner, so she may be able to fill that position. Even Dendro has Tighnari in there, and the element was introduced four versions ago.

Those who are more interested in the current Genshin Impact banners should know that Hu Tao and Yelan will both be available to pull for today as we enter the second half of version 3.4.