Genshin Impact Enkanomiya Key Sigil locations

Where to look for all Genshin Impact Key Sigils to access the new region and unlock seals in Enkanomiya

The five types of Genshin Impact key sigils in Enkanomiya

Looking for Genshin Impact Key Sigils? The Genshin Impact 2.4 update introduces a brand new region called Enkanomiya, a mysterious land underneath Inazuma that is said to be the original home of the Watatsumi people, Kokomi’s ancestors.

Enkanomiya holds many secrets, and in order to access them, you need to collect Key Sigils. These magical floating runes come in five varieties, and they are used to open seals across Enkanomiya – each seal can only be opened by a Key Sigil of the same design. Like Anemoculus in the overworld, they’re spread throughout the map, and you’ll pick them up as you explore.

Not all the Key Sigils are immediately collectible; some of them can only be accessed as you progress through the area’s quests. Collecting all the Key Sigils nets you an achievement and a small number of primogems. To help you find any you may be missing, we’ve put together a map of all Genshin Impact Key Sigil locations. Before you can access Enkanomiya for the first time, you need to find a couple of Key Sigils in Inazuma. If you’re looking for those, we’ve got you covered.

Genshin Impact Inazuma Key Sigils

Where to look for the remaining key sigils

The very first Key Sigils you need to find before accessing Enkanomiya are found in Inazuma. In order to reach Enkanomiya, you must be Adventure Rank 30 or above, and have completed Chapter II: Act III Archon quest, Omnipresence Over Mortals. You must then complete The Moon-Bathed Deep quest to receive The Still Water’s Flow quest, in which Tsuyuko explains Key Sigils and instructs you to look for the remaining key sigils.

The Genshin Impact Inazuma Key Sigils can be found at the locations below:

A map of the Genshin Impact sigils in Inazuma

  • On a small island north of Watatsumi, guarded by three Ruin Sentinels
  • Inside the cave you visited as part of The Moon-Bathed Deep quest. The Key Sigil is surrounded by a Mirror Maiden and two Hydro Fatui Skirmishers

Genshin Impact Enkanomiya Key Sigil locations map

If you’re new to the Enkanomiya region, you may notice you can’t see all the islands yet. To fully unlock the region, you must complete all the world quests. All Genshin Impact Key Sigils and seals can be found on the official interactive map.

Now you know where to find Genshin Impact Key Sigils, you can unlock Enkanomiya’s secrets and complete your quests in the new region – if you find yourself wondering how to obtain the Divine Bridle, our guide can help you out. If you’re planning on spending your primogems on the current Genshin Impact banner, check out our guide to the best Shenhe build and best Yun Jin build.