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Genshin Impact 3.0 leak shows alternate sprint fix for uneven terrain

This new Genshin Impact leak brings great news for any player with alt sprint characters, as the can soon move freely in the RPG, regardless of bumps

Genshin Impact leak: Big alt sprint QoL change incoming for Ayaka

The latest Genshin Impact leak points to a quality of life fix many players have long been asking for in the vast RPG. Does one of your party members have an alternate sprint Talent? Do they often get stuck on staircases or random stones that just barely change the elevation of otherwise flat surfaces? Well, rejoice, for it shall apparently be this way no longer. Known Genshin Impact leaker, Sagiri, just shared a few clips on Twitter that demonstrate upcoming fixes for alternate sprint characters.

The Twitter clips in question show both Kamisato Ayaka  using her alt sprint and Sayu using her Fuuin Dash to zoom back and forth across some of the most uneven terrain imaginable, in ways that are currently impossible for those characters. As a player who uses Ayaka as a main DPS, this is a beautiful thing to witness.

In the short videos, we see Ayaka snowflake sprinting over tables in the middle of Mondstadt’s main city, while Sayu rolls around over top of the main fountain in that same area using her Elemental Skill.

Alternate sprinters have been struggling for so long that these clips don’t even look real. Thankfully, it looks as though the days of wasting stamina while stuck on small obstacles are coming to an end.

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For those who are understandably skeptical, a separate leak from a Reddit post by user Sweet-Promotion-974 seems to confirm the change. Sayu, Ayaka, and Yelan take center stage in this video, as all three move back and forth across a small ledge in Inazuma. Like Sayu, Yelan doesn’t have an alternate sprint, but she does have a unique movement-based Elemental Skill.

The only character missing from these showcases is Mona, but we have to assume that her alternate sprint would work exactly the same as Ayaka’s since they’re so similar.

So far, HoYoverse has only added characters who can use special sprints for Cryo and Hydro, but maybe that’ll change as we venture into Sumeru for the version 3.0 update in late August.