Genshin Impact mounts look fearsome in fan’s concept art

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride around Teyvat on a Rifthound? Well, even if you haven’t, here’s what that could look like.

Genshin Impact mounts: A wolf-like dragon creature glides above the ground, accompanied by three golden spectral wolf heads

Genshin Impact’s world of Teyvat is now much larger than it was when the game first launched. There are plenty of new cities, islands, and unique regions to explore. Unfortunately, sprinting through the world to get from place to place between Teleport Waypoints isn’t always the most fun gameplay experience. But what if you could ride mounts? Twitter user Jared Nyts took that thought and brought it to life with a few interesting concept images.

The images show us what mounts could potentially look like in the free-to-play game. In them, we see Aether riding on top of several current normal and weekly bosses in a menu that looks like it would fit right in with the game’s current Dressing Room screen. Have a look for yourself:

Here, we see Aether on top of Azhdaha, Andrius, the Golden Wolflord, and a Coral Defender. There’s even a bonus image that has him riding the recently added Ruin Serpent boss. Dvalin can be seen in this fan-made menu as well, but we don’t actually see him as a mount here.

Jared’s concepts here are so well-made that they look on par with some of the many recent leaks that have been coming out for content beyond version 2.8. The mounts are an exciting idea because their addition doesn’t seem too far-fetched to work.

With that being said, though, if you’re looking for actual leaks, we’ve been covering unreleased version 3.0 content that includes Sumeru’s map, in-game looks at Sumeru City itself, new enemy types, and much more.